Town Open Space

Since 2004 the Webster Town Boards have been working in many different ways to preserve Open Space, Park Lands, purchasing Development Rights, and establishing Park Districts within sub-divisions so residents can enjoy green space.

We had a $5.9 million dollar town-wide referendum to purchase property and development rights and that bond is set to be paid off in 2025. We also work with the Webster Town Planning Board to provide active Park Lands inside housing tracts for the use of residents there, as well as, work with developers to donate lands to the town as part of a development project.

We once had an Incentive Open Space Program that has terminated for new applications but still has lands in the plan until their terms are up. We also continue to accept donated lands to the Town of Webster in exchange for an Internal Revenue tax deduction that residents may receive.

All in all, this has given the Town of Webster today 2,914.1 acres of land that will NEVER be developed in the Town of Webster now or in the future.  The current Town Board continues to discuss and look for ways to provide more Open Space to Webster residents.

To view the map street by street, use this document link:

Below is a map of preserved lands in Webster:

Tax Incentive Open Space - This program offered taxpayers an annual reduction in assessment value based on the number of years placed in the plan, in exchange for their agreement to not develop the land for that time period. This program has now expired.

Village Well Fields - The Town has an Overlay District on this area, to protect the natural amenities and restrict development.

Purchased Development Rights - Parcels where the Town has purchased the development rights to preserve farmland and open space. The Town obtains a conservation easement, which restricts development on the land, however the landowner still retains ownership of the land.

Monroe County Park - Monroe County owns and operates this parkland.

Town Owned Parkland / Open Space - Parcels in this category are owned by the Town. This includes all Town Parks, as well as, land that was purchased through the Open Space referendum. These parcels are all Town owned and operated, and residents have full access to these lands.

Park District - Green space within subdivisions can be designated as a Park District. Residents within this District then contribute financial support through a special park district charge on their tax bill to maintain this land for their use.

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