Emergency Notifications

Town Emergency Notifications for Residents:

- The Town offers a free notification service that is available to all residents. The notification system can send alerts to your email and/or phone, in the event of a Town closing or emergency situation.

To sign up for Notifications:

Select the link:  http://ci.webster.ny.us/list.aspx

Or Visit the Town's Website:  http://ci.webster.ny.us/

   - on the main page, select the tab on the Right side, labeled "Notify Me"

You will see the following instructions:

Notify Me

1. - Type your email address in the box and select Sign In.

2. - If you want to receive text messages enter your phone number and select Save.

3. - To subscribe or unsubscribe click and/or next to the lists to which you wish to subscribe/unsubscribe.

You will be able to subscribe to:

• Alerts (emergency notifications/closings)

• Individual Department News Updates

• Calendar Updates (Parks & Rec, Senior Activities..)

You can also follow the Town's Facebook page for up-to-date information: