State-Determined Duties

The duties and responsibilities of the Assessment Office are determined by New York State laws and consist of preparing the annual Assessment Roll, which includes:
  • Recording the transfer of ownership of existing properties and newly created properties (subdivisions)
  • Administration of exemptions
  • Inspections of all properties and their changes since the last roll
  • Gathering of market data for property valuation
  • Valuation of all properties as of the taxable status date
  • Maintenance of valuation equity among similar property types
  • Attendance at all meetings of the Board of Assessment Review (BAR)
  • Defense of assessments under judicial review
Other responsibilities include:
  • Public education
  • New address assignments and notification to 911, utilities, and other agencies.
The Assessment Office does not:

About Webster's Assessor

The Webster Town Board appoints an Assessor, according to New York State law, once every six years unless an unexpired term needs to be filled. Donna M. Komor, IAO began as Webster’s Assessor on February 14, 2005, filling an unexpired term, and has since been re-appointed for her second full term with Webster for the 2019-2025 statewide term. She was admitted to the Institute of Assessing Officers in 2006, thereby earning her Professional Designation. She is also a Certified Instructor for the New York Assessors' Association.

On July 26, 2007, the Village of Webster relinquished its assessing duties to the Town. Therefore, all assessment functions for all property tax bills (school, town, county, and village) are now performed solely by the Town Assessment Office.