Frequently Asked Questions

How many sandbags can we get?
- How many do you need to meet your objective?   

      For guidance, refer to the Army Corps of Engineers calculation chart:

How much does each sandbag weigh?

- Each bag weighs approximately 30 lbs.

How many bags are on a pallet?

- There are 40 to 45 bags per pallet

How long does it take between order and delivery?

- Expect one week, but conditions and demands can alter it

WILL you place sand bags for us?

- No, we do not put them in place on private property

What happens if we need sandbags on a weekend?

- We will have stock available at several locations

What do I do with the empty pallets?

- The Town Highway Dept. will pick them up when they are emptied

Will you get the sandbags near the water where I need them?

- Yes, providing the path is unobstructed and a waiver is signed