Community Identity & Marketing

Webster: Where Life is Worth Living. 

This slogan is likely the most recognized element of Webster’s identity. Although cherished by many, these five words do not form a complete identity of our community. Webster has many wonderful attributes that make it a great place to live, raise and family and invest. Yet, there is a lack of uniformity in how Webster portrays itself, and how community members – leaders, residents and business owners – communicate this identity. More to the point, how do we want Webster to be viewed from outside the community? When someone thinks about ‘Webster,’ what are the first words or thoughts that pop into their head? When residents describe where they live to someone outside our region, what words or phrases do they use? 

These answers highlights the current version of Webster’s ‘identity.’ Webster’s community ‘identity’ is more than a slogan or a logo.... it is the essence of what makes Webster unique; and as a community we need to communicate our identity clearly, consistently and proudly. The communication of the community’s identity, however, is more than the spoken word. The quality of the built environment and the visitor experience in Webster must also communicate the same message; this forms the basis of local pride and sense of place within the community. 

Our understanding of the community’s values and priorities is the foundation for the creation of an authentic identity and brand for Webster. Family. Education. Open space. Sports. Waterfront. Downtown. Small-town atmosphere. Great location. This is the terminology that Webster residents are already utilizing to describe their community. Therefore, the creation of a genuine identity that can be consistently communicated must evoke these same images and emotions. The next step in this process is the development of a coordinated marketing strategy that can be implemented and communicated flawlessly by government, residents and the business community. This strategy should touch upon what Webster is today, as well as the direction the community is heading and what it is striving to be in the future. Only then will we be able to communicate why Webster is Where Life is Worth Living.

Priority Area Goal: Develop a marketing and communications strategy that promotes a positive and coordinated community identity.

Strategy A: Develop a unified and coordinated marketing strategy that promotes Webster as a destination for visitation and investment.

Strategy B: Foster improved communication and awareness of events, activities and initiatives taking place within Webster.